Felt AR1

TT specialists usually know a thing or two about aerodynamics, and that’s why they choose the wind-cheating AR1. With a slippery profile, incredible pedaling stiffness and the unmistakably zippy ride quality.

Felt AR3

The radically shaped down tube, head tube, chainstays, seatstays and fork—all meticulously constructed from UHC Advanced carbon fiber —slice through the wind like nothing else available.

Felt AR4

With an aerodynamic UHC Advanced carbon fiber frame and high-quality, competition-ready components, the AR4 is engineered to minimize drag. Extensive wind-tunnel development has proven it capable of shaving seconds off your time.

Felt F1

Meticulously engineered and crafted with one clear purpose: to win. The all-new F1 uses Felt’s cutting-edge carbon fiber manufacturing techniques—Modular Monocoque Construction and InsideOut internally optimized molding—to shave 100 grams off the 2010 F1. 

Felt F2

Not many bikes can match the F2 SL’s extraordinary blend of light weight, stiffness, strength and crisp handling. It’s the balance of all these traits—achieved through meticulous engineering and superior UHC Advanced carbon fiber materials.

Felt F3

The core of the F3’s incomparable ride quality is its UHC Performance Modular Monocoque Construction carbon fiber frame and fork. It’s one of the lightest frames in the world.

Felt F4

With a UHC Performance MMC carbon fiber frame and fork plus a smart mix of competition-ready components, the F4 would be right at home in any professional race.

Felt F5

With the unbeatable performance of a lightweight UHC Performance carbon fiber frame, built to exacting standards through Felt’s Modular Monocoque Construction, the F5 is equally adept at city limit sprints or long mountain climbs.

Felt F75

Blending the lightweight stiffness of Felt’s Custom 7005 Superlite butted aluminum tubing with the compliance of a carbon fiber fork and seatpost, the F75 is a quick-handling machine for rides ranging from criterium races to all-day epics.